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    PMP Series Proportional Control Press Release Image


    PMP Series of Proportional Controllers, a multi-function complement for NOVA22 Solid State Relays mow available

    The new PMP Series are panel mounted multi-function proportional control SSRs in a compact 22.5mm housing ideal for applications that require control of the amount of power delivered to a resistive load.

    EL Series Improved Design Press Release Image


    Crydom’s popular Mini-Puck Solid State Relay is back with More Power & Additional Features

    The EL Series is now available with an improved mechanical design rated up to 30 Amps and optional 90° bent terminals for reduced spaces.

    DRML1 Load Monitoring Module Press Release Image


    Load Monitoring Module Now Available for NOVA22 Solid State Relays

    DRML1, Crydom’s Load Monitoring Module designed to detect partial or total load failure of up to 8 loads and 50 Amps.

    DRH Series Press Release Image


    Excellence in Solid State Technology available in Crydom’s DRH Series of Power Enhanced AC 3-Phase Contactors

    Crydom introduces the DRH Series, a compact size solution for heating applications with loads up to 20 Amps.

    NOVA22 Press Release Image


    Crydom Combines Power and Versatility in its New NOVA22 Solid State Relays

    NOVA22s are 22.5mm DIN rail and panel mount solid state relays with greater power density (up to 95 Amps) and more connection options than any other comparable SSR on the market.

    HAC Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces the HAC Series of High Current AC Output Solid State Contactors

    The HAC Series is rated up to 150 Amps at 660 VAC making it ideal for demanding high power applications.

    SeriesOne DR ATEX Press Release Image


    SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays are Approved for use in Hazardous Environment Installations typical in the Oil & Gas Industry

    Crydom’s innovative SeriesOne DR product line attains UL approval for both the ANSI/ISA & CSA Class I Division 2 requirements and ATEX 95 Equipment Directive 94/9/EC ratings.

    HS Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the Expansion of its HS Series of Heat Sinks

    Four new high capacity heat sinks, optimized to take full advantage of Crydom panel mount solid state relays maximum ratings, are now available for use in heating, lighting, motion and power control applications.

    DRC Series Press Release Image


    Crydom's World Class Solid State Switching Technology is Now Available in the SOLICON DRC Series of Solid State Contactors Which Offers Performance Levels Never Reached Before by Any Contactor

    Crydom introduces the SOLICON DRC Series, the only contactor in the market with 9000 cycles/hour, embedded auxiliary contacts and 100 KA short circuit current rating (SCCR).

    CKR Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the Expansion of its Classic CKR Series of AC Output Solid State Relays

    27 CKRB models are now available offering optimized AC input control options for use in heating, lighting, motion and power control AC applications.

    DRA Series Extended Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the Expansion of its DRA Series of AC Output Solid State Contactors

    30 New AC Output models are added to the DRA Series including models with economical lower operating voltage range and models featuring 2 switched phases, all in compact DIN Rail Mountable packages.

    CW Series Universal Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the Addition of a "Universal AC/DC Input" for its CW Series of High Performance Solid State Relays

    The CW Series is now available with a Universal AC/DC voltage input accepting either 20 to 48 VDC or 20 to 280 VAC control signals, affording greater flexibility for OEM equipment applications.

    SeriesOne DR 3 Amps Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces The Availability of its New SeriesOne DR 3 Amp AC and DC Output DIN Rail Mounted Solid State Relays

    The new 3 amp SeriesOne DR SSRs offer a combination of excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price.

    DR Timer Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces New 11 mm Compact 6 Amp High Power SeriesOne DR Timer DIN Rail Mounted AC & DC Output Solid State Multifunction Timers

    Crydom's proprietary thermal management technology and proven Solid State Relay expertise are now combined with advanced uP based timing in the new "SeriesOne DR" Timer line offering models with exceptional Solid State output ratings of either 6 Amp AC and DC and 8 different precision timing functions with 18 variations in a compact 11 mm wide DIN Rail mounted package designed for the direct control of a wide variety of resistive and inductive loads.

    HDC Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the "HDC" Series of High Current DC Output Contactors

    Crydom expands its extensive line of DC Switching Solutions with the introduction of the "HDC" Series rated up to 160 amps and 200 VDC.

    H1 Series Expansion Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the Expansion of Its Successful Series H1 of Panel Mounted High Voltage AC Output Solid State Relays

    Crydom's Series H1 now includes models with 1600 Volt Blocking in the same industry standard package!

    PowerPlusDC Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the "PowerPlusDC" Series of Panel Mounted High Current DC Output Solid State Relays

    Crydom extends its line of DC Switching Solution SSRs with the introduction of the "PowerPlusDC" Series with ratings up to 100 amps and 400 VDC.

    DP Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the DP Series of Panel Mounted High Current DC Load Solid State Contactors

    Crydom's advanced DC Switching Technology is now conveniently packaged in a High Power "H" Bridge configuration with optional Soft Start, Soft Stop & Brake features for use in DC Load Reversing applications up to 60 amps at 48 VDC.

    LifePlus ED Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the "LifePlus ED Series" of Pluggable AC & DC Output All Solid State Relays

    Crydom's World Class Solid State Relay Technology is now available to Electromechanical Relay users in the industry standard 12 x 29 mm plug-in package with ratings of either 3 or 5 amps up to 280 VAC or 80 VDC.

    DRA Series Contactors Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the DRA Series Contactors

    Crydom DRA Series now offers compact DIN Rail Mounted AC & DC Output Solid State Contactors.?The new models include 3 phase UL approved AC Output ratings of either 1 or 2 horse power at 480 VAC in both contactor and motor reversing configurations, and UL approved DC output ratings of ? horse power at 90 or 180 VDC.

    EL Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the EL Series of Compact Panel Mounted AC & DC Output Solid State Relays

    Joining Crydom's broad line of Panel Mounted Solid State Relays, the new EL series offers AC & DC Outputs in a compact 21 mm wide package featuring imbedded quick connect terminals.

    SeriesOne DR Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces The SeriesOne DR Family Of Din Rail Mounted AC & DC Output Solid State Relays

    Crydom's proprietary thermal management technology utilized in the new SeriesOne DR line offers 6 & 12 amp single and 6 amp dual channel output ratings in compact 11 & 18mm wide DIN Rail mounted SSRs.

    CL Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces The CL Series of Panel Mounted General Purpose AC Solid State Relays

    Complementing Crydom’s extensive offer of Heavy Duty High Power Solid State Relays, the new CL series is optimized for lighter duty applications in heating, lighting and motion control.

    LVD Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Announces the LVD Series of Panel Mounted Low Voltage Disconnect DC Solid State Switches

    Employing Crydom’s proven DC solid state switching technology, the new LVD series provides a simple means of disconnecting batteries from their loads to prevent operational problems or damage resulting from deep cycle discharge.

    CTR Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces the CTR Series of Three-Phase AC Output Din Rail Mounted Solid State Contactor Relays

    The Crydom CTR Series of DIN Rail mounted Three-Phase AC Output Solid State Contactor Relays includes models with 25 amps per channel Output at 600 VAC, AC or DC Control Inputs, IP20 Touch Safe Design, UL approval and CE certification.

    CN Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces the CN Series of Single in-line Pluggable Solid State Relays, DIN Rail Mounted Sockets and Assemblies

    The CN series features 5 mm wide pluggable/PCB mountable single-in-line AC and DC output SSRs, Single channel DRS series sockets for CN series SSRs, and DIN rail mounted CN series SSR/Socket Assemblies.

    53 Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces 36 New Models to the 53 Series of Panel Mounted 3Phase AC Output Solid State Contactor Relays

    The Crydom 53 series of Panel Mounted 3Phase AC output Solid State Relays now includes new IP20 touch safe models and 3Phase motor reversing models, all meeting IEC emissions & transient susceptibility requirements.

    DRA and DRS Series Press Release Image


    Crydom Introduces the DRA Series of Din Rail Mounted AC and DC Output Solid State Relay Assemblies and "DRS" Series of Din Rail Sockets

    The DRA series feature 10 mm wide DIN Rail mounted Single Channel and 54 mm wide Four Channel DIN Rail mounted SSR Assemblies utilizing proven Crydom SIP type AC or DC output SSRs mounted in DRS series sockets.