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  • The global expert in solid state switching technology

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    Leader in SSR Manufacturing

    Crydom is the world's leading solid state relay manufacturer. We offer the widest range of off-the-shelf solid state relays, contactors and related products, as well as custom-designed solid state switching solutions.

    At Crydom virtually everything is accomplished in-house to assure complete control over SSR manufacturing, delivery, and above all quality. With product design, development, manufacturing and management personnel under one roof, we're geared for fast response to your requirements. This infrastructure paired with extensive knowhow allows us to manufacture our world class SSRs.

    Because of our dedication to quality, most Crydom products are agency approved by UL, IEC, CSA, VDE and TUV; and carry the CE mark signifying conformance with European directives. Also, our products comply with the latest legal environmental directives, like RoHS and China RoHS which always provides a competitive advantage over other relay manufacturing companies.

    Our ongoing R & D programs have allowed us to be leaders in the SSR manufacturing industry for years. We are well known for constantly innovating new circuit and technology-related inventions to satisfy the switching needs of the most demanding applications.

    Our more than 40 years of experience providing top notch switching solutions and support make Crydom the indisputable global expert in solid state relay technology and preferred choice of companies all over the world.

    History of our Relay Manufacturing Company

    • In 1960 Crydom was founded in Anaheim, CA.
    • In 1968 International Rectifier Corporation acquires Crydom, a manufacturer of high power DC motor drives.
    • In 1971 The Crydom Controls division of International Rectifiers invents the first Solid State Relay.
    • In 1972 Crydom began SSR manufacturing and marketing. Crydom’s first panel mount Solid State Relay later became the industry standard for solid state relays.
    • In 1987 Crydom was sold to Silicon Power Cube Corporation.
    • In 2006 Crydom was acquired by Schneider Electric to combine the Crydom assets with its existing offer, through Crouzet.
    • Schneider Electric formed the Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) Division which grouped several companies which later consolidated into one company with several product lines and brands.
    • In 2014 Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) was acquired by PAI Partners SAS (~35%) and The Carlyle Group [NASDAQ:CG] (~35%). Schneider Electric remained a minority shareholder (~30%).
    • In 2015 Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE: ST) acquired the sensing portfolio of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) including the Kavlico, BEI, Crydom and Newall brands.

    Crydom is Ready to be Your Solid State Relay Manufacturer

    Our commitment to high quality standards, innovation in switching technology and years of leadership in SSR manufacturing, have made us the best choice for custom-designed switching solutions in most industrial applications. We always deliver the most reliable products and service to our valued customers.

    Brand Video

    Video: Crydom (Corporate Video)

    Crydom, the global expert in solid state relay technology, is the leading manufacturer and inventor of the original SSR.